True Cash Alternative


EazyChange helps passengers pay for transport fares with a single tap.

Why Is It Special

Easy to use

EazyChange is developed for the masses, all components are extremely easy to use and require little to no training.

Offline Capabilities

Designed to support offline transactions which makes it unique and suitable for transport and other SMEs.


Developed using world-class security algorithms and encryption to ensure safety and security of all transactions.

What is EazyChange!

Eazychange helps passengers who want to pay for transport fares by avoiding balance/change issues with cash payments and enabling reliable and seamless payments.

We have combined the power of Near Field Communication (NFC) and our state of the art algorithm to provide a payment solution that truly addresses the needs of a cashless society.

Public transport and other Micro-SMEs can now make dependable transactions with their customers(banked and unbanked) with just the tap of a card with or without network availability.

Award - (WEMA BANK)

Some Use Cases


Our solution solves the change issues associated with using public transport. With eazychange, Conductors do not need to worry about unnecessary pairing of passengers, fights and time wasted looking for change for customers. Exact fares can now be collected thereby eliminating the need for change.

Bukas and Mini-marts

Bukas and Mini-marts are faced daily with the struggle of looking for change for customers due to their pricing structure, Eazychange can seamlessly solve this because all payments are made using exact fares thereby removing the need for change.

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Our Team

Chuddy Anene

Chief Executive Officer

Adedeji Opoola

Chief Technical Officer

Henry Omezi Benyeogor

Chief Operations Officer